For over a century Dagger Falls has been free of the Zhentarim but now the Zhents are back.

This time they come not as occupiers, but as defenders, for Daggerdale is threatened by things that are worse: rampaging bands of gnoll marauders, terrible rumours of werewolves on moonlit nights and a nightmare come to life – a headless rider on a steed of darkness with flaming hooves that rides the Tethyamar Trail at night beheading gnoll and honest traveller alike.

The Lord Morn of Castle Daggerdale, ruler of Daggerdale, is of no assistance, slain by his cousin – Lord Scar, the Usurper Lord – and his soldiers dead or deserted.

And while Daggerdale is now defended by the soldiers and mages of the Zhents, what is the true price that the Dalesfolk will pay for their protection?


The name of the campaign and the basic idea of the Zhents being back as defenders were drawn from the LFR adventure DALE1-2 – Blades for Daggerdale by Matthias Schafer.

A lot of the background material is drawn from the DDi article Backdrop: Daggerdale by Eric Menge and published in Dungeon 192.

Blades for Daggerdale

Blades for daggerdale banner 573 x 300