Headless Zhent, The


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(first draft)

The true Lord Morn, (name) Cormaeril, and his soldiers were defeated in the grounds of Castle Daggerdale by (name)’s cousin, simply known as Lord Scar, and his mercenaries bolstered by a trio of ogres one of whom is a former Zhent war hulk.

It wasn’t enough for Scar to simply defeat his cousin. He had the ogres desecrate his body before mounting his cousin’s head on a pike (aka greatspear) and displaying that in the centre of the castle’s garbage head while saying, “Behold, cousin, now you are master of all you survey!”

The body wasn’t buried but stripped and left for the crows.

On the night of the New Moon the corpse awoke as a headless revenant. It quickly slew a Zhent guard, taking his uniform and helm before entering the castle and stealing the Sword of the Dales, the symbol of office for all Lords Morn.

Now he rides a night-black Zhent steed equipped with horseshoes of the nightmare. The horse was also slain on one of the first rides and it too is now an undead thing.

The only way to permanently defeat the Headless Zhent as he is now known is to reunite the body with the head – which is now guarded by swordwraiths of his former soldiers – and bury the remains with proper ceremony.h1. Your title here…

Headless Zhent, The

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