The dwarves of Tethyamar built the first settlement at Dagger Falls to support a portage around the whitewater and to provide storage for dwarf-mined metals on their way to the southern lands along the Tethyamar Trail.

When humans, fleeing the destruction of Jhaamdath, arrived centuries later and spread throughout the Dales, some settled the lowlands near Tethyamar. The dwarves, who had no interest in these
lands, welcomed the newcomers and traded with them for food and livestock.

The humans named their new home Merrydale, but whatever good cheer the land initially inspired was replaced by horror when an infestation of vampires descended upon it. Amid the struggle
to rid the territory of this bloodsucking blight, the Morns emerged as rulers of the dale. The new rulers renamed the land Daggerdale.

More than three hundred years later, Tethyamar’s ruin at the hands of goblins, ogres, giants, and demons collapsed the dale’s economy and left its inhabitants defenceless against the Zhentarim invasion. When the Black Network took Dagger Falls, Randal Morn retreated into the hills, preparing to launch the guerilla war that, thirty years later, would free the territory from Zhentarim tyranny. In the interim, the dale suffered under puppet governments run by foreign

Randal Morn left no heirs; upon his death, the rule of Daggerdale passed to his sister, who had by then married into the noble Cormaeril family of Cormyr.

The Cormaerils are fair rulers, but they have much to prove before the Dalesfolk will judge them fit to occupy the ancestral seat of the Morns. They have thus far failed to suppress the humanoid monsters raiding from the Desertsmouth Mountains or crush the lycanthropes terrorizing the Dagger Hills. In light of these distressing failures, the locals question whether Barathal is a “true Morn.”


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